The Role of a “good” School and Making Them Better

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The Role of a “good” School and Making Them Better


“Over the past century schools have provided many different roles for society, however, some say that many ‘public’ schools have failed to provide the proper learning environment for children. Many have called for charter school or homeschooling to provide an alternative environment for children to learn.”

As a public institution, the school is more than just academia. It is a major institute in the lives of children all over the world and therefore has a fundamental responsibility to be a guide through development and growth into independent, well adjusted adults who are pursuing successes in all its forms. Schools play a fundamental social role in the aspect of every nation’s growth. Schools provide children with influence and authority other than those that parents provide. It also provides the exposure that they require in their lives and the opportunities that are abound in the world.

In order to better schools, it is paramount that the same principles that are used in home schooling and charter institutions that make them more attractive be inculcated into the general systems so that they both meet the objectives for which schooling as an institution is founded; though these systems, home schooling and charter schools do have their limitations. It is evident that the system that we are currently using to school children is not helping the majority of them.

There is a general view that this system limits the potential and creativity of learning and the power that this generation that is being prepared for the future holds by forcing upon them things that they are or may not even be interested in thereby faking the most formative years of their lives. These institutions have to understand that children posses an inquisitive mind and would ask questions .............

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