Meeting An Attorney

Your First Meeting With An Attorney

When you find yourself being accused or have to accuse someone in court, you will definitely need a qualified attorney. When you are seeking a divorce, these experts will help you. To ensure that you have been represented well, you have to do a thorough search concerning the lawyers in the city. You can personally visit the family law attorney offices. How they receive and attend to you will give you a hint of their customer care services.

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Write down contact details

The initial step is to find out which firms offer the services you need. Write them down and find their contact details. You can email them or call depending on the urgency of your case. It is advisable that you call and arrange for a meeting with the specialists.

The lawyer may ask you to give him an explanation of your issue on phone. This is important for him, because he needs that information so as to prepare for your first session. He will then do research if need is and come up with a quality presentation when you go to visit him. They will also use those details to get ready the paperwork you require.

Accurately Fill the forms

When you arrive at the attorney’s office, you will be given forms to fill in your bank accounts status, tax information and the property you have. This specialist will take time to listen to you. This is the session when he gets to connect with you and understand your story. If you are convinced by the practitioner’s competence, you can then talk about the charges

Clearly spell their roles

It is during the first meeting that each of the parties should spell out their roles. It is so important for the client to learn what his legal representative will do for him. However, if any of them goes contrary to the stipulated agreement, there will be consequences to be faced. The breach of trust and contract qualifies for a lawsuit and one will be accused of malpractice.

Be honest and open

As a client, you should be honest and open with the attorney. Give him all the facts so that he can make the right assessment. It is also helpful when they will be preparing for the court proceedings. Avoid situations whereby your representative learns new information in the courtroom from your spouse’s legal representative. This will lower your chances of winning the case.

Ask the questions

The first meeting with the specialist can make or break the case. Be very serious, take notes and ask all the questions that will come to your mind. You should not be accompanied by anyone, not even your closest friend. You need to be alone with the lawyer so that you can confidently air out your feelings and side of the story.

The divorce cases can turn out to be very complex if your attorney is not up to the task. This is because during the proceedings, harsh emotions and words may be exchanged by the angry couples who are separating. This can be triggered by child custody and wealth splitting issues. This is why you must select a practitioner who is emotionally and professionally suitable to give you the services.


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