Bad driving habits

Bad driving habits

Not being keen

It is an obvious observation, even to those who are not keen on drivers that today’s drivers have very dangerous driving habits. It is not even necessary for someone to travel very far to notice the widespread risky driving behaviors. These risky driving habits can be seen on residential streets, highways and even parking lots. Risky driving habits not only endanger the reckless driver but also the public. Many cross paths with such drivers and many leave unscathed while some don’t survive. Risky driving habits cause death and leads o destruction of property every day. It is on this basis that the insurance companies lay their claim for increasing the cost of insurance on automobiles.


The reckless drivers are from all age groups. The young people lack experience necessary for driving in various environments which include driving along interstate highways and driving at night and for this reason they end up becoming dangerous drivers. The older people on the other hand may have lost sharp sense and reflexes to old age and thus end up driving recklessly.

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Use of cellphones during driving

The technological growth has also led to the skyrocketing of reckless driving habits. The use of cell phones is now very popular and almost every driver owns a cello phone. Walking around or driving on the highway or in town, it’s a common sigh to see people driving at the same time talking on the cell phone. Such a habit has a very high probability of making someone loose he focus on driving and taking it to the conversation depending on what the conversation is about (Mika 97). Another habit that is leads to reckless driving is applying make up as one is driving. This is so irresponsible of the driver because it is something that could be avoided by being organized as a person. Another common reckless driving habit is eating as one drives.  People running to catch up with time on some urgent matter don’t have time to sit and eat and they carry food from the restaurants which they eat as they drive to attend their urgent matters. All these reckless driving habits cause a driver to be distracted and he doesn’t give attention to other vehicles on the road or the road conditions.


Distractive driving behaviors

From the category of distractive driving behaviors there is also another category that includes failing to use the turn signals which when properly used prevents most accidents. These turn signals are simply devices which gives drivers a notice in advance about the driving intentions. Failure to use these signals in an appropriate manner increases the rate of accident with the pedestrians and other vehicles.  It is very unfortunate and irresponsible that failure to use a simple device can cost lives as well as lead to destruction of property. One of the consequences of failure to use turn signals is road rage. Many drivers who barely escape an imminent accident due a driver failing to use a turn signal to notify them of the intentions to make  a turn or change a  lane, they become so enraged, a situation called road  rage which ca turn out to be dangerous too (Chambers 47).


A common cause of dangerous driving habits is overconfidence. Drivers who have experience of many years can become reckless drivers because of over confidence in them when it comes to particular route or vehicle. Most of the times they are not prepared when something that is not ordinary comes in the way.

Being a responsible driver

With the increased rate of road accident and the many lives that are lost as result it is time that driver changed and started being responsible driver. From a moral point of view these accidents would not remain to be called accident but deliberate action if drivers don’t take a giant step in changing the habits they see as normal when driving. Reckless Drivers should be aware that it is they are to blame for the deaths and property destruction because such good drive habits could be achieved by putting a little personal effort and determination. A saying goes that good habits are as hard to break as the bad habits so if the drivers try good driving habits for just  a few weeks, these good habits becomes their new habits and thus hard to break.


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