The Quebec Society

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The Quebec Society

The French talking community in Canada has been an inspiration to many unions concerning the struggle and achievement they have dominated in Canada in the past decades. They established from being a rural community to migrate to the urban centre’s and dominated the most percentages in the cities and rural areas it was discovered that in the rural areas the Quebec’s occupied a percentage of 75% while in the urban centre’s it was a percentage of 50% containing half the population of the civilians in the urban centre’s. From a number of sources one can realize that the Quebec’s society has contributed a lot in the development and establishment of Canada to where it is even making it to be internationally be known as a competitive country when it comes to its economy, the quiet Quebec revolution may be an example to other unions to follow the peaceful way of revolutionizing.

French Canadians were workers of many foreign companies and investors as they helplessly lived in poverty they were not able to be promoted or get a ranking job. They were not able to be given jobs to work in the offices; they were always given duties to work in the fields.

Nationalism as described and understood as being the taking part of a cluster of individuals with a political vision and motivation defined in national term.

After reading and having knowledge on the French Canadians and the Quebec history, I sought after to be acquainted with in my own position of indulgent; the olden times of the French Canadians and Quebec’s nationalisms, I realized that one has to understand nationalism sooner than getting to follow a line of exploration on the Quebec’s nationalism.

When reviewing on the Canadian history I got to comprehend that the Quebec’s played a most important role and involvement in the establishment of Canada as a country. Its history has taken different perspective from the entire Canada, in the 17th and 18th century is when the French settlers bring into being the colonies of Canada.

The Quebec’s had dominated a big part in the rural areas at least covering 75% of the rural area, seeing and believing that life was perfect in the rural areas than in the cities. This made rural parish centre’s to be seen and taken to be major units in the society.

The Quebec society led to the traffic and congestion of people in the rural areas making land insufficient for people making them migrate from rural areas to cities. This impacted on migration of Quebec’s to the cities made their population grow to 50% in the urban center, this was by the year 1921. This migration from rural to urban areas affected the Quebec society in many ways.

The likes of Maurice Duplessis became a success in Quebec society political involvement. He believed that protecting and expanding the agriculture will restore and stabilize the Quebec society, he tried arranging and focusing on attracting investments from outside this was by arranging amalgamations of the Quebec’s society.

Maurice Duplessis turned down funds for roads and institution development from the federal government; he also rejected materialism, communism, trade unionism and atheism.

After the strike by asbestos in the year 1949 the Quebec society started thinking differently from Maurice Duplessis after he supported the union workers. This led to the likes of Pierre Trudeau and others to start questioning the conservative paternalism behind Maurice Duplessis policies.

Riot mount raged in Montreal causing commotion and damage of approximately $500,000 worth of property after a serious looting and damaging of properties in the neighborhood. This also caused injuries to both police officers and civilians. The main cause of the riot was because the NHL president Clevence Campbell attended the game that was of Hab’s against red wings after his decision on suspending Richard.

It was in an NHL game in March 13, 1955, where a player going by the name Richard was given a match penalty after intentionally injuring Hal Laycoe by hitting him on head using the hockey stick. Previously in another match Laycoe had highs tricked Richard in the head during a Montreal power play. The referee signaled for a penalty to be called, but the game was allowed to continue, Richard tried to confront the referee that has been injured and later skated toward Laycoe and struck him with the hockey stick together with the linesman.

After the incident the matter was discussed and the NHL president Clevence Campbell decided the appropriate penalty to punish Richard was to suspend him from attending the remaining games of the season and playoffs.

The riot created a big impact in the revolutionizing of the Quebec society since many of the French Quebeckers rioted in defense of the Quebec icon legend “Richard”, many believe that this was the main impact in the revolutionary of the Quebec society.

Jean Lesage of the liberal government, and was the premier at that day decided t create opportunities and promote French business by showing interests on them. These contributed and played a great goal in the reelection of the liberal government for another term. The liberal government under jean Lesage improved and led to the development of the province’s major hydro electrical utilities and put it under the provincial control this were mainly owned, controlled and managed by English Canadians.

The top managerial positions were started being dominated by the French Canadians; this made French be the common used language in most working places. This was a great achievement for French Canadians pursuing and dominating the top positions in the hydro-electrics companies, these led to the integration of the hydro-electrics to the hydro-Quebec network, these made the French to be the major producers and distributors for the entire province for companies they managed and controlled. With the French uncontrollable increasing number of population the government tried to provide and help the entire province to gain adequate knowledge, this was implicated after a major education reforms took place. The ministry of education which facilitated in the creation of regional school boards was established by the government in 1964. The education sector was highly motivated and supported with the release of funds, high public funding and bursaries to help in universities and the creation of post-secondary institutes.

The catholic churches were stripped off the area of the health and social services; this created the Quebec pension plan, which was similar to the national Canada pension plan. These measures and others rapidly expanded Quebec government and the public sector, creation of new Quebec opportunities for the French middle class the structures made were only functioned in French.

After Lesage government introduced the large scale programs of reform it cost money and taxes in Quebec also increased and by the increase of this, also the province dept .............

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