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Mothers are touted as some of the most (if not the most) important people in any person’s life. This is especially because of the incredible role that they play in nurturing individuals, supporting them and bring them up. However, individuals will have different mother figures in their lives as the article by Brock states. Brock outlines four types of mothers that an individual could have. There is the biological mother, with whom an individual shares his or her genes and to whom everyone owes their existence (Brock 2). In addition, some individuals have step moms who are connected to them legally. In most cases, relationships with stepmoms are rocky. This, however, does not undermine their importance in an individual’s life. Adopted mothers, on the other hand, are mothers by choice. They choose to open their hearts to the kids and are always patient with them (Brock 4). Lastly, there is the select.............

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