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‘Experience is the best teacher’. This a saying I grew up hearing my mother recall day after day. However, not until a short time after my marriage that I got the real meaning of this saying. After a short while in my marriage, the tragic death of my husband is an event, encrypted deep into my mind that I believe will be hard to erase. This was unexpected, unprepared for, and worse of all; it came at the wrong time, when we just had our first born, a sixteen month old son. Not any other experience has ever changed my being, my life expectations, my feelings and to a great extent, my persona like this disastrous event.

I grew up in a Christian family. I was introduced to church when I was young in age. My mother kept us at pace with the word of God. I used to read the Bible and even to lead with players in our family at a very young age. At the Sunday school everyone knew me. I held God and the Christian principles dear to my life. I could not do anything without consulting the ’spiritual powers’. I think here is where I lost it all. I grew to believe that all evil or what I regard as evil in that matter is brought about by the devil. That God cannot bring misfortunes in our lives. As I came to learn later, this was a misconception, and a misinterpretation of the Word.

I was married at the right age and the better; I was married by a Christian husband. We sought the blessings of God, and those of our families as per the teachings of the Christian doctrine. Friends and relatives brought gifts and cheered us up on the day of our wedding. We started life happily with a memorable honeymoon. The two of us had preserved our chastity and virginity, and we expected.............

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