A methodology for change and development

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A methodology for change and development



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Bridget attempts to describe various action research methodologies that can be used by social science researchers to overcome limitations of traditional methodologies when researching changing situations. Action research involves substantive issues that enhance deep understanding of the issues. Somekh (2005, p. 1-9) explains that this new method tends to systematize research and further promotes equality between researchers from outside the site of practice as well as practitioner researchers from outside. It further enhances professionalism amongst social science researchers through the use of action research methodology thus helping in generating knowledge that can address complexity of human experience and social relationship.


Action research methodology is a very improved way of carrying out research by the social science researchers in the changing world. It tackles some of the complex human and social issues.Somekh (2005, p. 1-9) highlighted some of his practical experiences with research methodology. The need to incorporate information and communication in the action research has been nicely addressed.  Social researchers really need to focus on innovation as a means of providing quality and reliability of the knowledge research topic generates. Action research methodology attempts to transform social practices, involve intimate and passionate purposes of parties whose lives and activities constitute the practices being investigated (Somekh, 2005, p. 1-9).

Somekh (2005, p. 1-9) explains that action research methodology tends to be interactive and closely related to a sense of personal efficacy which helps researchers to apply their knowledge and responsibility while carrying out social research. Action research is based on the present understanding of changed situations and applies personal judgment when there appears to be any inconsistencies. The adopti.............

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