A Lesson Plan For Health And Career Education, Safety, Injury Prevention And Its Rationale

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A Lesson Plan For Health And Career Education, Safety, Injury Prevention And Its Rationale


The lesson plan is a clear guideline on how a teacher should cover all the lessons planned in a given term. It has a format that starts with objectives, activities, materials, procedure, evaluation lessons and the closing, (Bryan, 2013).


Lessons to be taught: Health and Career Education, Safety and Injury Prevention and a lesson plan Rationale.

Grade level: 2nd


The lesson plan will assist the 2nd grade students on;

  1. Healthy living by participating in physical activities, engaging in healthy relationships and developing healthy eating habits.
  2. Boosting their career development by categorizing the paid and unpaid jobs and outdoor and indoor jobs.
  3. Learning numbers, drama, music and visual arts.
  4. Safety and injury prevention.






Lesson procedure:

The teacher is required to discuss the various ways of maintaining a healthy living, how students should develop their careers, and insertion of skills to help the students maintain safety and prevent injury in forceful situations. This will be done in three lessons.


The students will be given journals, textbooks and  magazines from the library to read and learn in the various ways of maintaining a healthy life, safeness and career development.


The teacher will introduce a topic at a time. He/she will engage the students by asking questions randomly and allow for class presentations from their home works and group discussions. The students will also use their laptops and research more about the different skills required in music, dance and drama; learn the different ways of maintaining a healthy life, research on science, social studies, leadership skills in physical education and prevention of injury through appropriate safeness procedures.


There were continuous assessment tests to assess what the students have learned. This can be in the mid of the term or randomly in the class. An end term paper for the whole period would also be essential to evaluate what the students have learned during the whole term. There is also to be an inter-grade competition in the practical sessions. That is in drama, swimming, voice competitions in music and dancing with awards for the best in order to motivate the students.

Lesson 1

Introduction to healthy living

Healthy living is the systematic way in which every person grows into adulthood.  Healthy living entails both emotional and physical growth. It involves daily physical activities, healthy relationships and healthy eating habits.

Physical activities that students should engage are swimming, jogging, dancing, and participating in drama and sport activities in school. These activities will help students maint.............

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