A Faction As Described By James Madison

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A Faction As Described By James Madison

Federalist 10

A faction as described by James Madison, is the total number of the citizens whether minority or majority, and are united by various interests that are adverse to citizen rights or a permanent interest of a given community. Factions is historically known to be breaking or destroying the republic, and one of the serious sources of faction is the diversity opinion which comes as a result of politics in the political life resulting to dispute of a fundamental issues that includes the religion and the regime supposed to be preferred. The other source of faction is passion. Even though, there seemed to be problems with republic government due to fragmentation, large faction can be avoided however there are still some tiny ones which could get together to form coalition.

If factional becomes intensive, the government tends to suffer a lot from disunity and when it becomes severe, ruptures in some organizations that impede effectiveness might be noticed.  To avoid such disunity and perception Publius have tried to outline various options for overcoming faction. Firstly, to avoid harm to the republics, faction should be conducted secretly and with a minimal scrutiny for the republics. However, this act sometimes tends to lead to unethical behavior making the warfare within the factions to lead to frauds and fraudulent conduct.

According to Madison, faction can be overcome by removing its causes or controlling its effects to the republics. This can be done by destroying the liberty, however in most case, liberty is usually very essential to the political life. Another option is by creating a homogeneous society that has interests which is impracticable. In Madisons’ summary, he concludes that faction can only be limited when the government controls its effec.............

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