Why more is less

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Why more is less

The paradox of choice is a theory used to highlight the consequences of having to choose from a variety of options on a consumer. This theory explains that, when provided with too many options consumers are less likely to derive satisfaction from the purchase.  Customers tend to derive satisfaction through the feeling of having made the best choice (Barry 15). However, when provided with too many options they tend to be overwhelmed and making a choice becomes harder. This theory is however not generalized as it does not apply to all situations.

Unless it is a case of impulse buying, customers often have a premeditated choice of the item they require. The option of different brands is provided by the selling party. At this point  the customer gets to make up their mind on what brand to pick. This is thought to be the occurrence in a situation that the consumer has no specific brand that he is used to picking (Barry 33). A wider variety of brands will definitely make it hard to pick a specific brand. This will require the customer to try and find out more about each commodity and in the end might still be doubtful about the choice he makes.

The application of this theory generally depends on the type of buyer the customer is. In relation to this theory, the type of customer will depend on whether they are ‘maximizers’ or ‘satisficers’. ‘Maximizers’ are those who tend to want to know everything about the brand they are to pick and will want to make the best option(Barry 17). These are more likely to be affected by a wider a variety of items to choose from. ‘Satisficers’ on the other hand are those who tend to be satisfied with whichever choice .............

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