Where are all the profit going and why If neither the Chinese worker nor the Wal-Mart worker is making enough to survive

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Wal-Mart workers are not earning enough to sustain their basic needs. If Wal-Mart pays its employees enough to sustain them above the poverty level, then the prices will shoot up by 1.4 %. Wal-Mart workers use billions in food stamps. The profit Wal-Mart get is used in buying back shares of its own stock. Moreover the tendency of selling the Wal-Mart products at low prices causes lower wages to stabilize the cost incurred in productions (Basker)

Chinese workers had very poor working conditions with low wages which did not have any social protections. The labour laws did not follow the aspects of employment, compensation, health insurance, minimum wages or pensions. The majority of the profit that was realized contributed to the dark side of economic success of China (“Watch Last Train Home Online.”).

Psychological Consequences

The workers who had families suffered due to separation from their families. There was a law that banned the Chinese workers from bringing the children to places of residence which were temporary. Most of these workers ended up leaving their children to be brought up by the elderly in villages. In the Last Train Video Zhang and Chen are desperately struggling to get train tickets so that they can get to the village to spend the New Year holiday with their families (Li, Na, Wei-Hsin, and Xiaobing).

When the parent finally arrived at their homes, their children were not comfortable and they behaved detached. The parent could not find the much love, happiness and gratitude they had experienced earlier before the migration. This ended up destroying the Chinese traditional families (“Watch Last Train Home Online.”). Wal-Mart workers suffer the stress of financial insecurity while they are working on a full-time basis. The workers cannot participate in their children`s development since they are working to make ends meet (Basker).

Economic Consequences

In China the transportation system was not reliable for the employees who struggled in the Last Train Video. Some of the workers had to stay in the small stations waiting for the train that never came. The low-cost labour fueled the economy of China, which currently is doing well globally. The employees sacrificed their families and decided to work in the China industries which contributed to the China`s biggest economic trend (“Watch Last Train Home Online.”)

In view of the Wal-Mart case, most of the employees use food stamps since due to the curren.............

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