What would you change in American Education?

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What would you change in American Education?

American education is mainly provided by the public sector and funding emanates from the local, federal and state levels. However, there are also private institutions. Education is compulsory; more so, there are numerous institutions of higher education that are strewn all over the country (Diane, 2000). The topics offered are as wide and variant as the number of institutions themselves. However, the problem with American education is the curriculum, as it is not uniform or standardized. Some curricula include topics lacking in other institutions. For example, the curriculum in private institutions built by churches, have incorporated religious studies, institutions built by renowned sports personalities have sports lessons fused in the main curriculum. Similarly, curricula vary from state to state and district to district. I believe that this lack of harmonization is detrimental to students, as they are not provided with an equal learning field. If I were to change anything in the American education system, it would be the curriculum pattern. I would make it uniform.

The American curricula needs to be changed because the minds of students absorb topics and lessons at an unusually high rate. Therefore, selecting to offer more courses to students, and neglecting others is not only discriminative, but also unjust (Juergen, 2006). This act might deny some students to advance or develop something they are exceptionally proficient at, or aspire to be. For example, some students desire to understand what makes certain athletes perform better than others do; however, because their curricula do not offer sports studies, they are deprived of such opportunity. The same case applies to music students, music as a course, is offered in private institutions, while music in public school is treated as a hobby or a favourite past time.

I would change the curricula because nowadays careers ar.............

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