University Admission Essay

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University Admission Essay

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I am a man in a family of 7, my five sisters and my mother. I am a young person who understands hard worker, focus, determination, ambition and good attitude are the key factors to succeed in life. My main reason for applying for the USC Marshall MBA Community is because of the experience and skills I have gained in my life. I believe I am a good fit for the USC Marshall MBA community that has people who are driven, exceptionally smart and have tremendous leadership potential.

Firstly, I have served in sales and operations leadership roles for the past ten years. Throughout my services, I have met different entrepreneurs whom we have shared a lot in the field of operations management. I have also strived hard throughout my career to make a difference in the businesses of clients, who spanned diversely in the divergent sales and leadership sectors by making the transaction processes and applications as simple as possible to the client. In addition, I have had many successful meetings that have made me achieve business and operation goals. From this experience, I am confident enough I can make the best person in your organization and move it to the next level. This will be achieved through a combination of strategic planning, team leadership and business skills development that I have leveraged to meet and exceed beyond expectations.

Secondly, my services as in the sales and operations department have made me become a different person who sees opportunity in every process. I have worked as a real estate agent for six years where I gained experience in selling real estate’s worth millions of dollars; hence I have a wide network of customers both locally and internationally. Moreover, mortgage owners recognize me because of my dedication and hard work in ensuring their clients pay their dues in time. As a result of my experience in real estate business, I have managed secure a NMLS certificate and a real estate license.  The possession of these two important documents has enabled me to own two mortgage branch offices and employed more than 200 employees within my fifteen years of experience in the industry.

On the other hand, my hard work in the sales department made me be rewarded as the best in sales as Account executive for World savings and MIG. This trophy made me realize my potential and gain more confidence in applying for the USC Marshall MBA community. Through the accumulated experience, I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to your brand’s future projects and initiatives. Whether working as an entrepreneur, a lead volunteer for social causes or an agent, my work is characterized by an approach to perform end-to-end analysis, solve problems, and a penchant for innovation.

To me one appealing aspect is how collaborative, tightly knit and down to earth the Marshall community is. I have always believed in helping people and giving back to the community most importantly in times of need. I have demonstrated this in different ways. For instance, I helped raise money for Mortgage Investors Group, a retail bank from the East Coast. I also played a key role in bringi.............

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