United States History

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United States History

Topic 1

After his election, Kennedy was a young and charming president who brought new hope to Americans. In his speech he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” (Berkin, Miller, & Cherry 850).  Kennedy gave hope to Americans promising to bring racism to an end, bring peace to the world and defeat poverty by launching a New Frontier Program.

Kennedy unlike other presidents who came before him had better luck in turning the economy of the United States around. Kennedy wanted to save Americans from the bad policies made by his predecessors that made the country to suffer the great depression. As discussed by Berkin et al, he aimed to create a society where poverty would be eliminated (850). Kennedy worked closely with economic advisors in planning and shaping the national economy through federal spending and tax policies.

President Kennedy gave consent on the urban renewal bill. This facilitated the revitalization of run-down areas of the cities to give them a new look. The federal government was charged with the responsibility of providing funds for the construction of modern housing, public facilities and office buildings.

Monetary as well as fiscal policies including cuts in taxes were used in the stimulation of the economy. Kennedy managed to push for reduction of taxes in the Congress during the first year, but failed to do so the following year. Government spending was used in order to stimulate the economy (Berkin et al 850).

Topic 2

From 1962-1965, Cesar Chavez and a group of other organizers traveled the valleys of California talking to people and urging them to join their organization which later came to be known as the National Farm workers Association.............

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