Topic: Politics and Religion

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Topic: Politics and Religion

The relationship amongst religion and politics remains to be a significant theme in political philosophy, in spite of the developing accord, together between the dogmatic theorists and in applied political settings, like that of the United Nations, on the right to independence of morality and on the requirement for nearly any kind of parting between a religious institution and government. One motive for the significance of this subject is that religious convictions frequently create strong privileges on people’s commitment, and universal convictions make these entitlements on all individuals, fairly than mere a specific public.

On the other hand, take the example of USA where though the major religion is Christianity but the laws are not governed as per the true essence of Christianity. Under the First Amendment, Americans relish two freedoms on the question to religion: the freedom to be free from a state-imposed conviction, and a right to exercise any religion of the world. (Steve).  Though apparently this seems really good that a person is free to practice any religion of his or choice, but yet, this has resulted in a chaos in their society with ever increasing number of assaults, rapes, suicides and number of psychopaths.

Though Islam is a complete religion and provides us with complete guidelines to practice our lives according to Quran and Sunnah, but at times, Islamic states who fail to choose their direction in the light of Islam results in the devastation of mankind. For instance, take the example of Osama Bin Ladin who is alleged to be the master mind behind the September 11 attack of world trade center. Though Afghanistan is a Muslim country but the gesture of OBL has damaged the image of not only Afghanistan but also of the whole Muslim world. In the same way, Ajmul Kasab, who is alleged to be the master mind of Mumbai Attacks in India has ruined the image of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in front of India as he is belongs to Pakistan. But we should not that stated above examples are the acts of individuals, they have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and it promotes fraternity and brotherhood and never instigates anybody to impose religion or anything onto others. In addition, there are famous and good people that have been associated with Islamic religion, in the world since the time of Pharaohs in Egypt.  Hence, the depiction that the religion houses ill-minded people should be forgone for the better good of the religion and the world at large.

It is matter of common observation that a state or country where millions of individuals are the followers of a same religion, then it is this religion which will govern their all walks of life from culture and traditions to that of the way of life. In such a scenario, how it possible is then the religion will not govern their state rules as well. The laws of a country are do affected by the religion. E.g., Iran where 99 percent population is Muslims and so, their laws are made in accordance with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. As, the most of the people are the followers of a same region, that’s why it brings coherence in their patterns of living. Moreover, the religion also gives a sense of uniformity and as a result, as the religion provides the base for everything, so the inter-groups conflicts gets minimized. The cultures of the country of regions will also be formulated or will follow the religion depicts. It is the due role of the religion to define the fundamental facet of region in such place. For example, it is known in the UAE that the religion plays a significant role in modeling the people who are known to have the most hospitable character in the gulf region.  With the above and many others facets of religion negative and positive effects of its are felt in the contemporary society.  This means that a state that is ruled with religion has added advantage as compared to a state without religion, because of development of issues like adherence of culture.

In the due course of events, Islam has customarily held that all populaces be obligated to the submission to Allah’s will. As a consequence, it is almost certainly unavoidable that holy commitments will from time to time come into battle with the stresses of politics. But then again, the religious philosophies and practices also potentially provision politics in numerous means. The degree and practice of this backing is as vital to political theorists as is the likelihood for encounter. (Mohammed 2007).  In addition, there has been a rising interest in minority clusters and the governmental rights and privileges they are unpaid. One consequence of this interest is considerable consideration given to the specific anxieties and needs of marginal collections who are made eminent by their religion, as contrasting to custo.............

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