Topic: Alcohol as a high risk condition and associated behavior and patterns

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Topic: Alcohol as a high risk condition and associated behavior and patterns

High risk drinking of alcohol can be looked at in two distinct ways. One definition is the drinking that makes the person that is taking the alcohol to indulge in actions and behavior that will make him take a lot of alcohol and consequently intoxicate him more which in the end will cause harm to himself or the people that are around him. The other point of view that this behavior can be viewed from is demarcated by the high risk patterns that will be concomitant with the high risk drinking. These patterns will include taking a lot of alcohol and the frequency that the alcohol is taken,  the predisposition for tolerance that exists, how early a person starts drinking, the existence of a social support system that encourages this drinking and in some instances a family history of drinking can be defined as a risk factor too.

There are several high risk drinking behaviors that lead to a variety of outcomes that are generally negative. These behaviors include but are not limited to taking part in drinking games that will involve chugging the drinks, using funnels and playing beer pong like many people do when they are having drinking parties. Drinking with the aim of getting drunk and afterwards driving or riding with an intoxicated person is also a high risk behavior.  When drinking, the rate at which one drinks also matters and therefore drinking too much will be considered as an example of a high risk behavior and so is going to parties that everyone there is involved in binge drinking.

Most prescriptions clearly give the instruction that the person that will be taking the drugs should not take alcohol as long as he is on medication since different drugs react differently with alcohol and some if they mix may have consequences that are fatal. Combining alcohol with other drugs and even caffeine is also a high risk behavior since the outcome of how this drugs will react with the alcohol in the system cannot be predicted and in some instances cannot be controlled either. More often than not, the risk that is normally associated with these behavior will manifest themselves in the form of injuries that the person that has been drinking will sustain, hospitalization from poisoning that will be as a result of taking too much alcohol and even damage to property or being arrested by the authorities for crimes that are done under the influence.

High risk patterns are clearly defined and can easily be identified since they are simple thing like taking part on drinking sprees frequently and taking more alcohol than the rest of the people do at a time. This will generally lead to tolerance to the alcohol and therefore it will take more alcohol to make the same person drunk and this threshold will keep on increasing with every indulgence.

to drink at a young age is also a clear risk pattern as when the person gets older the drinking will become more regular and eventually may increase such that the person will be taking a lot of alcohol during these regular drinking sessions and dependence occurs (Heather, Nick, and Tim Stockwell, 196). Families that have a had a history with alcohol often rub this effects on the children that grew up in them and eventually they may start drinking without having clear limits of where to stop or without knowing that they have had enough.

There are also situations that the drinker will see that the situations that make him drink more do not come from within him but are defined by the policies that are in place for different purposes like regulating the consumption of alcohol and this is a bad sign since it means that the person that is drinking does not have control over the habit.

High risk drinking patterns also manifest themselves when peers in a peer group develop the feeling that their peers have the threshold to drink more than they can and thus the struggle to drink as much alcohol as their peers do leading to situations that may have a bad ending. There is also the group that looks at alcohol as a way of showing the freedom that they have acquired in society and this mainly happens to the young people who are enrolled in the universities and colleges.

A family that is characterized by people that drink alcohol and exhibit high risk patterns and behavior may be problematic and may bring about a situation that will be difficult for the children that are in it to grow up. For example, a mother that engages in high risk drinking will not be setting a good example for her daughter if she will not be able to cook and take care of her children as a result of this. If she has a baby, the baby will be affected by the milk.............

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