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ABC Company has been in function from 1999. The company was started by a husband and a wife team in Brisbane. The company has been preferred on specialist property sector to clients and its work places have been defined as well in excellent reputation. ABC has made it possible to come up with recruitment. For the past years it has helped shape career of many professionals as they partner with other multinational companies to enlarge the company.

The organization network consists of 100 staffs as well as having many offices in Australian states. However, in the last 3 years there have been struggles that have affected the economic growth. There has been complains from the clients concerning customer services, decline in successful job placements. There have also been conflicts among employees with management.


Scope of the company

            In the last 3 years the company has struggled having effect on financial downturn within property sector. With an aim of making the ABC Company to rise in economic as well as having an excellent reputation has given the firm to provide ways of solving issues that describe the ways the employees as well as management ought to live in the organization.

ABC recruitment found it important to hire a Human Resource Manager that will enhance the progress of the company as well as facilitating order through implementation of ethics. The manager will enhance all goals are accomplished.

Values of the Organization


  • Creating knowledge of attitudes, values as well as behaviors in the organization.
  • Working and coordinating effectively as a team at work place.
  • Focusing on the knowledge as well as the competencies of the organization needs for the upcoming success.
  • Shape careers of many professionals in the company by making all team members becoming better in their performance.

Expectation regarding ethics


Ethics to be represented will contain information that concerns both the employees and the Management to enhance growth of the company in economy. Ethics will result to minimization of negative impact happening in the company. Returns to shareholders will be maximized.


Confidentiality Requirements


Team members and the management of ABC Company should consider interest along with rights of every member of the organization. All members of the organization are required to have intellectual as well as excellence in character. Employees as well the management of ABC Company is required to be attending seminars that concern the organization conduct to improve growth production of the company. Finally, all members should enhance growth of the company by ensuring hard work.

Consequences for breach of codes


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