Title: MHD504 Module 1 – SLP Health Promotion: The role of theory and the Ecological Perspective

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Title: MHD504 Module 1 – SLP Health Promotion: The role of theory and the Ecological Perspective


Date: August 17, 2013

The role of theory and the Ecological Perspective


Theory is the opposite of practice in in any field of study. This is defining theory in layman’s terms from a basic understanding. However, I would define theory as ideas which lack clear facts but have however been tested over time and always bring a uniform outcome. In different fields of study, learners encounter different theories which help them understand the area of study better. Health sciences as a field of study too have various theories that try to explain how things work, giving reasons and conditions.

Importance of using theory in planning

As defined, before coming up with a theory tests are performed on the subject matter. Theory gives some form of precedence to an area of interest because it provides knowledge on facts and explanations why.  It is important to use theory in planning health promotion programs because it leads the course and offers a particular approach towards practice.  When planning for health programs people should search to see if there exists theories on there are of interest. If there exists a theory, you should use it in preparation of the health promotion program.

How does behavior and environment affect health?

The behavior of a person affects their health due to the lifestyle they live. Behavior is a habit that has formed and is part of a person’s daily routine. Behavior affects health because it affects how people take different situations and act towards them. Behavior is simply the way a person leads their life, and this affects their health due to the choices they make each and every day.

Environment is the surrounding of an individual, the neighborhood and the general area around them. This also affects the health of a person since it is basic human in.............

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