This essay examines Adair’s business book on leadership

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This essay examines Adair’s business book on leadership as well as an article on leadership skills. The aim of this essay is to answer some of the research questions provided and thereby suggest that indeed, leadership qualities are essential in an organization.

In order to achieve this, the essay is divided into four sections. The first section gives definitions of the key terms used in the essay. The following section provides an overview of the article while the third section summarizes the book. The last piece highlights the key points from the previous sections.

Keywords: Leadership, effective leader, management


Before the writer of the essay proceeds, it is detrimental to define the various terms used throughout the essay. One of such key terms is leadership qualities, which refers to the characteristics possessed by leaders that would let others to willfully follow what the leader intends to do. An effective leader is a person who possesses the ability to get work done effectively by others in a willful manner. Management, on the other hand, refers to doing things in the right way. However, management is different from leadership since leaders do not need to be managers.

A Summary of the article

In early years, the managers organized and monitored the productivity of labor in the various organizations. Leaders, on the other hand, played a pivotal role in initiating change in an organization so as to assist the firm accomplish its objectives within the shortest possible time. The managers should present leadership qualities in organizations. Persons who possess such leadership qualities qualify to be effective leaders. Indeed, there are different qualities associated with leadership including the ability to have a vision about the future. In line with this, a principled leader focuses about the future success of the organization. Further, a true leader should be flexible in conducting activities within an organization, understand that there are constraints in achieving the objectives of a firm, share and shape ideas, adequately understand the environment around him, respect other people’s idea.............

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