Thesis Statement; Does Assistive Technology Offer Solution to Learning Disabilities?

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Thesis Statement; Does Assistive Technology Offer Solution to Learning Disabilities?


Throughout the world, children face different kinds of difficulties in grasping what they are taught both in school and at home, and keeping at par with their peers as a result of different forms of learning disabilities. With increasing level of technological advancements, teaching has incorporated various forms technologies to overcome cases of children who experience hurdles in the classroom as a result of learning disabilities. This research paper seeks to finding out whether assistive technology offer solution to learning disabilities and how teachers can manage to balance all the demands made upon them in regard to incorporating assistive technology in the classrooms.

In the United States, statistics show that one in every five children exhibits some form of disorder. This is a saddening statistics considering absolutely no child asks to be born into this world with any kind of learning disability. A learning disability is defined as a kind of disorder that mildly or greatly affects an individual’s capability to accurately interpret the contents that they hear and see or link information coming from various parts of the brain. The term disability can also be used to label a diverse and large group of disorders, from various components of education. Learning disabilities can be simplified and classified as language and speech disorders, disorders related to academic skills, and many more. Every individual disorder exhibits a significant degree of uniqueness from the other, therefore, it is rather difficult to diagnose. Also a person can exhibit a level of intelligence that is considered to be above average or just average yet still find hurdles in keeping up with persons of the same age group in regular functioning and learning.

In most cases, individuals who have learning disabilities show ability to exceptionally advance and excel in some areas while failing in others. This kind of weakness can have serious repercussions on learners in a learning environment especially those that are already very competitive as a result of the high importance of an oncoming future that requires them to have a successful educational pathway. Recent studies have revealed that approximately 27% of children with cases of learning disabilities end up as school drop-outs at high school level annually. However, with innovations coming up and advancements in scientific research, technology has ensured a significant number of breakthroughs that have successfully opened uncountable doors for learners with learning disabilities. Currently, there exists no cure for learning disabilities, but with aide and help of assistive technologies, learners have been able to advance in all aspects of life.

Research Question

All children must be treated equally irrespective of their status. Every child has the right to participate in everyday activities with their typical developing peers and children with disabilities are not exceptional. In order to support the natural learning opportunities and contribute to the success of inclusion of infants, toddlers and other children with disabilities, there must be appropriate use of assistive technology both in the classroom, at home and the community at large. In order to serve the increasing number of students with disabilities who participate in inclusive general education classrooms, educators must have adequate technology, knowledge and skills. The number of students with learning disabilities in the US is approximated to be 3 million today. There are enhanced academic, social and employment opportunities for people with disabilities who are natured under a system where there is inclusion of assistive technology with instructional technology in pre-service teacher education programs.  The world is changing from industrialized factory model to a networked society. In order to prepare the students for a brighter future, educational technology must be utilized well. It has been noted that many preparation programs fails to offer the knowledge and skills and dispositions required by pre-service teachers to adopt and utilize technology effectively.

Analysis of Article by Parette and Stoner

According to Parette and Stoner, Americans realized their growing demand for schools after the World War II. A lot of emphasis had been laid on economic growth and political supremacy, but after the Second World War, Americans realized the need to be outstanding in scientific trainings and engineering. An initiative was then rolled out to offer quality education, not only to the American children but to other children from other countries, including third world countries. The plan aimed at making every child proficient in math and English, educating the mentally handicapped, the blind, and those with emotional instability to the same level as their peers. The plan further aimed at enlightening the society on the evils of consuming tobacco, alcohol,.............

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