Themes in the story A Country Doctor by Franz Kakas

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Themes in the story A Country Doctor by Franz Kakas

“A Country Doctor” is a story whereby the main character is overwhelmed by several unending challenges and frustrations which indeed are a nightmare. This essay will endeavor to highlight some of these challenges plus the reciprocal frustrations as well as the themes forwarded by Franz Kakas in the story in order to qualify the story as a nightmare.

The prevailing weather condition is the first challenge that the doctor faces. The doctor has to go to see the patient only after going through a severe snow storm that does not die down until the doctor arrives at the patient’s home. This harsh weather causes the death of the doctor’s horse leaving the doctor handicapped with regard to his transport towards his destination. Moreover, at the end of the story as the doctor sets on his return journey, he is unable to get to his destination since he is slowed down by the snowy desert adding to his frustrations with the weather. The doctor kicks his foot against the pigsty to show his frustrations with the weather.

The doctor is unable to get transportation to his patient since his horse had died. This is another challenge that frustrates him immensely. Although he has enough carriage no one in his locality wishes to lend him a horse. The doctor therefore seems betrayed by his neighbors who are seemingly naive of his predicament. The doctor is perplexed with the apparent situation since he has dedicated his life to serve the very people who refuse to facilitate his noble work at the time he needs their support the most. This action by the local residents advances the theme of betrayal since they betray their loyalty to the doctor by acting indifferent at the time of his dire need.

Thirdly, the doctor faces a dilemma on how to deal with the groom. The doctor is torn between his expected duty of saving the critically ill patient or protecting his house help Rosa from the ill intentioned groom. Finally, he decides to go and save the patient after the groom sends him off. However, the doctor is frustrated since his thoughts go back to Rosa in the entire story since he feels that she is in danger being at the mercy of the malicious groom. The theme of opportunism is advanced by the actions of the groom in the story. The groom takes advantage of the situation to favor himself at the expense of the doctor. He steals two horses from the pigsty when the doctor desperately needs one and only allows the doctor to use the horses for the journey so that he can remain behind with Rosa. The doctor loves and cares for Ros.............

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