The slaves in Canada

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The slaves in Canada were expected to work without any pay whatsoever. They did all kinds of chores right from the domestic duties working on farms and also in mines. There was no resting time during the day as they had a lot that they were expected to perform and no one cared whether they were tired or not.

The slaves were also supposed to cut any out contacts with their family members. Once they moved to Canada from other countries, they were on their own and were never going to see their relatives including during their deaths (Cooper 67). This was a painful moment for parents whose children were captured to go and work for free to these people of Canada.

Slaves had no rights whatsoever and were supposed to follow what their masters told them without questioning. Some of them were used as sex slaves since they had no power even over their bodies. If they resisted, they could face the wrath of their masters which could result to their death.

Slaves were not supposed to mix with other people of the high status. They were considered inferior and, people who did not deserve any respect. They were also not expected to move to any other place as they were confined at their place of work. They were denied the right of movement and therefore their lives became so had that some opted to commit suicide.

The health of the slaves was not taken to consideration. Due to exposure to mines and factories where there were dangerous chemicals, the slaves were at high risks of developing health problems. Once this happened, the.............

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