The Six Secret Of Change

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The Six Secret Of Change


Introduction. 1

Secret Two: Connect Peers with a Purpose. 2

Secret Three: Capacity Building Prevails. 2

Secret Five: Transparency Rules. 2

Conclusion. 3




The Six Secret of Change describes the lessons which seem to be extremely honest. However, sometimes leaders find it extremely difficult to understand the six secrets. Michael Fullan tries to provide the real-life examples talking about changes which are taking place in The Six Secret of Change. Michael Fullan exemplifies the organizational behaviors where implementations are successful and sometimes attempts seem to fail. An excellent example is where Fullan offers a design that many organizational leaders may use in guiding their own action towards successful   as well as changes which are long lasting that ultimately improves the organizational culture as well as efficiency. This paper tries to analyze The Six Secret of Change.This theory is mostly used in creating the action plans in order to stimulate an appropriate as well as, effective changes in the organization. He also has got feelings that the secrets may be used or applied in various organizations. Michael Fullan clearly indicates The Six Secret of Change as; Secret One : Loving Your Employees

Secret One is advice which appears to be understated as well as reasonable and on the other hand, seems to be unnecessary. This secret sometimes is not implemented as it is intended to be by Michael Fullan. Fullan on the other hand, indicates a sense of symbiotic relationship among the indicated two groups as well as the relationship with employees is supposed to be not sacrificed for happiness of customers.

Secret Two: Connect Peers with a Purpose

The second secret of Fullan’s secret is addressing needs for peers which are connected to another, not by the department, but through the common thread which are stated by pursuits of the goals of the organization.

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