The Situation in Syria

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The Situation in Syria


Syria is among the sovereign states located in the Middle East part of the world. It is among the world leading countries in oil production. The relationship between the government and its citizens is at stake; this is simply because of the fact that, a national presidential election is due on July later in the year. This brings about scramble for office of the president as is the one of the key offices that attracts stiff competition in the elections. A better part of Syrian population consists of Muslims, just like the case of Libya; presence of rebels is on the rise as the contest for the big seat draws nearer and nearer. These rebels reside in Yarmouk town. They have distorted the peaceful environment and caused a lot of tension among the residents. In fact latest statistics shows that; 18, 000 Palestinian are seeking for refuge in the neighboring towns. Most of these refugees lack the basic necessities such as; food shortages and basic clothing. Cases of malnutrition are on the rise. UN is deploying some of its help to the affected regions. More so, security personnel have been deployed to town of Yarmouk to maintain order and guard the residents against any possible attacks from the rebels. Therefore, this situation translates to cases of uncertainty and tension to the residents of the neighboring towns. Another contingent issue is that, these rebels have joined forces with Al Qaeda in expanding their attacks against the loyal citizens.

Human rights violation has been the day to a day event in Syria, the security forces from the international communities who have been deployed in the country to calm down the situation end being the ones undermining the peaceful status of the residents of the towns that have been afflicted by mayhems from by the rebels. This has led to 140,000 deaths and over 2.5 million cases of citizens who are seeking refuge in the neighboring countries. In addition, 7 million citizens have been displaced internally by this mayhem. It is alleged that the security forces who have been deployed in the country to calm down the situation and bring back peace among the residents are the ones infringing on the human rights of the victims. Increased reports of rape cases among ladies and women have been witnessed. Some of the victims of this heinous act are the persons seeking for refuge in the neighboring nations. This violation of human rights is blamed the provisions of Israeli policies which lacks support for human rights, the slow progress of middle east peace process is also attributed to the spark of this violations.

Chemical weapons use by the government is also attributed to the rise of the number of deaths that is being reported. President Bashir Al-Assad is on the frontline of fighting back the rebels using the chemical weapons (Hanley 65). Syria consists of a higher percentage of Muslims followers and a significantly lower number of Christian, this imbalance is attributed to the park of this fight among the faithful religion followers. Given the fact that, the president is being backed up the Christians on the use of the chemical weapons, the Muslims are not taking this lightly and are throwing words of accusations to their president accusing them of failing to honor the rule of humanity according to the Muslims pieces of regulations. From the national statistics, the following data shows the difference in the number of Muslims and Christians; out of a population of 22, 457, 336 people, 74% of this consists of the Muslim faithful’s, Alawite and Druze occupies 16% and Christians dominates 10% of the whole population. These acute differences among the religion followers can also be attributed to the ongoing tense situation in Syria.

A religion difference is another factor that is contributing to the mayhem in Syria. The fact that Syria is a Muslim dominated nation is sparkling denominational underground wars and hatred among the Christians and Muslims. A specific Muslim militant group that resides in the north-eastern part of the country is demanding the Christians to pay a special tax know as, ‘Jiyza tax’ for the welfare of their security (Avni 60). Muslims are demanding that, no one should hide his or her religion identification as this tax is geared towards erection of traditional ‘Caliphate’ around all the regions that they control. This tax includes; payment of four golden dinars among the rich, 2 golden dinars among the average Christians and a single golden dinar by the poor Christians residing in this region. An equivalent of $435 in the absence of the 4 golden dinars will be accepted by these Muslims followers (Howorth 293). By so doing, Christians are going to be allowed to worship freely in the environments of their worship. They will also be allowed.............

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