The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop’s Website

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The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop’s Website

            When creating a website for marketing products, a variety of factors should be considered in order to enable the website developer to create a good website which is user friendly to customers, as well as its users. A good website should constantly be user friendly, and one that changes with the current technology trend (Rosebrock pg 144). Presently, nearly every organization strives towards designing their websites to establish an online presence. Business people also try to create websites for their business plan. There are various reasons why developers should consider various factors when starting to develop websites.  The paper, therefore, summarizes the whole contents of how the website of The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop is designed.

            When remodeling the new website of The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop, the developer should first understand and identify how the owner wants his/her website to look like. The new website of The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop will have various web content pages. The TSSF Shop will be the homepage that allows any person login to the website, where content will be seen by the users before clicking to other pages to view more information (Kelsey, pg 213). The other content pages in the TSSFS website will include the TSSFS shop that will be the Home page, Hub-Store page, Contact page, Donation page, and Links page.

            The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop is a website design that will help in improving the people quality of Life. As a result of hard work, children, as well as adults are enjoying the improved health; the children are able to attain a higher level of education while women experience greater equality along with economic security; the vision is to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Home Page

            The TSSFS shop will be the home page. This is the first page in the website which is linked with other content pages. This first page acts as the user interface; it has all the contents that will be entailed in the whole website. When the user logs into the website, this is what will be seen before opening other page acting as the user interface. However, the user can open other pages by clicking on the links linking to other pages (Kelsey, pg 213). The homepage conveys what the website is all about. It is therefore, necessary for the website developer to put detailed information on the page, page breaks and content continuity should also be available for efficiency of the information available in the website. Background selections should be considered and the background should have a tranquil color that attracts many users to continue viewing what is within the website. Some images should not be used when creating a website; for example, the images that take too much time when loading. This makes the website to be extremely slow in opening even to other links, consequently, users tend not to login to the website.

Hub-store page

            The Hub-store page in The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop website provides customers with the information of what are available within the store. The page will also help in knowing what are available in the store and what should be added as the stock.

Donation Page

            The Donation page will be a page where well-wishers will donate what they wish via the website. The donations can be done by use of Visa cards. The best Visa card is the Visa Platinum credit card, which is identified for supporting the cause by making it extremely easy. Visa card also adds in a low introductory rate, less annual fee, and no foreign transaction fees.

Links Page

            The links provide what The Seth Shannon Foundation Donation website is offering. When the user clicks on the links, a new web page will be opened. Other pages within the website will also have the links that when the user clicks, the link will lead him/her to a new site showing what they advertise or offer online. The following are the descriptions of what will be entailed in every links provided within the Seth Shannon Foundation shop website:


            The Seth Shannon Foundation link opens a page that helps the customers in applying for The Seth Shannon Foundation Visa Card. This in most cases shows the pride with everyone who tends to make any kind of purchase within the website. It will direct customers on what to do when swiping their cards for payments; the card makes it easier for them whenever they feel like supporting the cause. The pages also have contents in regards to what the organization will receive when the customers use the Visa card.


            This link will lead customers on what are available in the Seth Shannon Foundation Donation Shop website. The products available in the shop will be accompanied with their prices, colors and amount of discount one will get when purchasing the product. The page will also have links that direct its customers onto another page. Customers .............

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