The Satellites

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The Satellites

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“The Satellites” Report

I watched “The Satellites”, a 90 minute play written by Diana Son in 2004.  It was about the turbulent life in a highly stratified Brooklyn neighborhood. There was a complexity in the changing events surrounding the life of Nina and Miles who started as mere lovers and transformed their affair to marriage. However, giving birth to Hannah does not bring bliss to them. Instead, it puts them into more problems particularly when they cannot come into amicable agreement on how to raise their daughter harmoniously.

More chaos erupts when the young couple fails to agree on whether to adopt the African, American or Korean for the little kid. Even Nina’s efforts to hire the services of Mrs. Chae, to care for Hannah, do not resolve the issue. They later conflict with the other people in the affluent neighborhood to which they later migrate.  Eric’s attempts to intervene fail. Surprisingly, his mediation efforts later worsen the situation.

Indeed, “The Satellites” is a must wat.............

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