The Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture

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The Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture

Work of art has had significant impact on the lives of many people since time in memorial, as a result some people took it upon themselves to make sure that some of the arts of work were preserved for other people to also have the chance to admire their beauty later on, some prominent people in the past took it upon themselves to help young and aspiring artist sharpen their skills and even become great artist later on.

One of the prominent people who appreciated art and wanted to see arts grow was King Louis IV. In the year 1664 King Louis established an academy where students would have the opportunity to be taught on various skills on how to make diverse work of art. The academy known as the Royal Academy of Painting was set up by the king so as to help students learn about “classical works of antiquity and the Renaissance and in the systematic training of mind and hand.” The king Himself liked work of art especially decorative arts that great painters such as Gian Francesco had to be brought all the way from Italy to work on the Palais du Louvre, which was the official Kings palace (Morral, pg 160).

The Academy had strict curriculum which was followed to the latter this is because the training in the academy was systematic and involved both the mind and the hands. The students first started by drawing, after which they were introduced to antique sculpture, later on they were introduced to the live model. After the introduction to the live model the students were now allowed to work on the sculptures. The students were given the responsibility of “correcting” the sculptures to conform to what they had learned in their studies. Unfortunately the curriculum or the system that was being used did not give any room for any creativity as the students worked on the sculptures and other paintings as they had been taught (Citizens, pg 160).

In the 19th century the academy dominated the artistic circles with many of its paintings on display, at the time the academy focused on paintings described as the Academic painting. These type of painting demanded great display of skil.............

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