The Romney Campaign

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The Romney Campaign

During the election period, politicians will stop at nothing in their campaigns to earn more votes. Campaign ads have become popular with the digital world. There a lot of misstatements and fallacies that these politicians use in their campaign ads. Romney poured millions of dollars into his campaign based almost completely on various logical fallacies. These include;

  1. Quoting out of context.

Romney attacked Obama’s statement, “You didn’t build that” (Turks, ‘Uh Oh: Romney’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’) .In saying this, President Obama meant that one individual or several individuals couldn’t possibly build the education system of the USA or the infrastructure, the economy etc. The meaning of this was rather obvious form the context in which he used it. But Romney managed to twist this into something to mean something else.

  1. Impracticable promises

Romney promised to get rid of “burdensome regulations” and cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans in order to better the economy and make it stronger (NewsHour, “Study: Romney Tax Plan”).This is, however,  a promise to lure the masses because no regulations have so far been found burdensome as they all serve a certain important purpose. Further, it is not easy to implement this.

  1. The blame game

This is where one blames the cause of something on another. For example, Romney blamed the bad economy on President Obama (AFP, “Romney promises”). This is a fallacy because looking at the trend since December 2007, there has been a recession in the economy and Obama had not taken office by then. Some of the economic problems happened during the Bush administration. The USA economy has added private sector jobs decreasing the levels of unemployment which went down to almost 2 percent during the Obama administration. Yet, Romney managed to accuse the Obama administration for bad economy.

  1. Popular argument claimed to be true

Just because many people believe in an argument or a pr.............

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