The role of the schools in the modern Society

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The role of the schools in the modern Society

Kumar 2012 emphasizes that education has great significance in the today, complex industrialized societies. One importance of education as brought out by Kumar 2012 is its responsibility in socialization. The author states that education helps in completing socialization process. According to the author, after a family gets a child, much is left for school to complete socialization process. He further states that the school is responsible for teaching all life aspect even to the extent of teaching sincerity, justice, religion, and even sense of right or wrong. In line with this, school has been responsible for reforming the already developed attitudes of learners. It’s the obligation of education to ensure that unfounded beliefs, illogical prejudices and unreasoned loyalties are removed from the learner’s mind. Kumar 2012 summarizes this point that school or education helps to shape learner’s thinking and actions.

The other point emphasized by Kumar 2012 is that school instills co-operation among community members and public in general. School is responsible for training learners on how to react to given situations and thus creating a mutual .............

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