The Role of the Media

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The Role of the Media






The media is being used around the world to ensures, all that is taking place under the table are exposed (Khondker, 2011). The media has helped various failing organization to get back to the top so does to individuals. In this paper, a discussion of how the media has played in ensuring that public managers are responsible is noted.

Meaning and elements of Administrative Responsibility 

Public administration is an obligation that an individual is given in order to meet the needs and the demands of others in a public sphere or domain. Being responsible is an obligation that must be rendered in the best way possible to avoid other issues such as corruption amid other negative aspects of public leadership (Howard & Hussain, 2011). The media has over the years played the role of informing the public about how their leaders are doing their jobs, thanks to the journalists who do this job.   The media has done various functions and duties of ensuring that we are able to get the right public managers on board as well as knowing how our taxes are being used.  The next paragraph will highlight the role of the media in making public managers responsible.
                                                            Role of media


According to Howard & Hussain (2011), the media has various function to an individuals as well as the society. To an individual such as a manager. First, in the UAE the media plays the role of informing the public about the qualities of the manager; in this case the public will be able to know the qual.............

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