The role of sustainable development in the global economy

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The role of sustainable development in the global economy

According to Zoeteman (2012), Sustainable development requires the joint effort of the global society, the Unites States and individuals like me. The global society needs to focus its attention on creating sustainable partnerships geared towards environmental preservation and economic growth. These partnerships involve exchange of resources like technology, man power and information on the best way to combat poverty, environmental degradation and country discrimination. This will help the global society sharpen itself and consequently move towards sustainable development. The growth of the globe represents economic growth of individual countries. This means that the global society must set aside differences in culture, ideology and policy formation and instead work as a team to achieve sustainable development.

The United States must focus on making sustainable development a priority. America must appreciate the need to build on sustainable development by providing reforms that allow for economic growth. These may include incentives and financing individuals and groups with venture capital for starting businesses. This will work better than giving unemployed people compensation as it encourages laziness.  The United States also needs to focus on environmental strategies. This is by allocating enough funds to environmental projects as well as formulating policies that support ecofriendly projects and release resources to capable environmental experts (Peacock, 2008). Lastly, the United States must focus on creating a suitable environment for potential investors. The administration should do this by reducing tax rates on foreign investors as well as the rules and regulations that limit the types of investment. This will open doors to new business ideas as well as increase employment opportunities for its citizens.

As an individual, my focus area is mainly on environmental preservation. I am in a position to preserve the environment and move my family and friends to embrace the sa.............

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