The Role of Religion in State Rules

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The Role of Religion in State Rules



Religion is an important facet in our daily activities.  Religion has been the center of globalization in the 20th and 21st century.  Despite the fact that individuals have tried to tarnish the names of religion, religion has remained bigger than individuals have. The question to individuals is that if it were not of religion, where could we be today? Countries with religious generated rules are better than those without.

Religions plays a significant role in shaping various facet of a state including culture,  laws, ethics, behavior of individuals as well as other small characteristics of a state and individuals within the state. The role of religion is shaping the state rules among other issue have not started today.  From the times of Moses religion has always, played role is cultivating what a nation should become in terms of the laws among other regulations such as policies and bills (Asad, 1999). The laws of Moses has been used since according to other religions such as Islam and Christianity and has played vital role in curving the current rules and laws that countries dominated with such religions. Best laws have old history denoting that ancient religion played role to the contemporary state rules.  It cannot be ignored that religion must and should have impact on state rules since it’s from these religions that individual character and behavior are shaped. For example,  among the Christians, children must attend Sunday schools whereby they are taught behavior and the tenants of  laws that individuals should adhered (Brown, 2013). In addition, Muslim kids must attend madras classes in order to learn more about the requirement of the religion as well as the manners to exhibit. Therefore, it is from the above concerns that I conclude that religions should be considered in creating state rules

Religion plays vital role in shaping an individual who in return amends or formulates the laws in a state, thus the question is that if the leaders responsible for making laws as well as mending them had no religious backgrounds when young what could be case with their states? All the religions in the world advocate for better life and good rules. Therefore, it is evident that states with religious crafted rules have a clear stated livelihood with less crime and behavioral actions as compared with one that does not consider religion influence in mending their rules or laws.

Several actions that some Muslim has done have resulted in negative image of their countries in the international platform. For example, Iraq is a country that has 60% of the people are Muslims (Markoff & Regan, 1987). Over the past 3 decades the country has had, negative appeal in the international arena hence resulted to several wars in the country.   The political structure of the country led by its leaders has made the country prone to international wars.  Despite the fact that Muslim individuals are more of the most peaceful people in the world, others like some of the Iraq leaders have personal interest with the countries power and resource and as result take part in illegal activities such a manufacture of nuclear weapons something that the world is against.  Because of these, the Muslim image is destroyed.

Not until the war against the late al Qaeda leader gave the Muslim dominated state a very bad image to date.  The terror leader made the image of Afghanistan a country that hosted the individual to be identified as a hub for terrorists. The country went into war with various countries in such of the individual.  As a result, the image of the Muslim brothers has been on the.............

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