The role of ICT

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The role of ICT




In the 21st century, we are living in a digital world. The ICT sector has taken a great role in all the sectors of the economy today from socializing, learning, and working. It helps us to be able to access information and learn. Information communication technology has been used in the contemporary education sector to acquire knowledge from the internet. People are taught on how to run soft wares that are found in the computing sector.

ICT is applicable in all the areas involving learning from reading, writing to arithmetic.  The Bioscience industries require specializing in ICT so as to conduct their research. In institutions of higher learning, research on the scientific sector highly depends on information communication technology.  The eLearning system that has been adopted by different institutions of higher learning is as a result of ICT. This has played a great role in the education sector.

Technology has become more and more embedded into our culture. This means that children have to start acquiring knowledge on ICT at a young age. This is to ensure that they fit in the contemporary society.  In the 21st century, ICT has been integrated into the early childhood sector to ensure that children are conversant with the new technology before they join other institutions of learning. There are some of the ICT applications that develop children’s creativity. They also help children to socialize with different people through the socializing sites hence enabling them to know how to live with the members of the society.

In today’s society, all the employers are seeking for people who have high expertise in ICT. This means that ICT is primary in every sector of the economy. ICT helps teachers to personalize learning and engaging with students in different learning styles. It also helps in developing children’s communication and literary skills. Lastly, ICT plays a great role in helping children become talented entrepreneur, employer, or employee.


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