The role of government to protect the natural resource in united Arab emirates year 1999-2013

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The role of government to protect the natural resource in united Arab emirates year 1999-2013


A Capstone-Research Proposal Submitted to

Dr. Burton A. Aggabao, in partial fulfillment of the requirements

Business 400208. Research Methodology

First Semester, Academic Year 2013-2014

Table of Contents



The Problem and Its Background.. 3

Conceptual Framework (Research Paradigm) 4

Statement of the Problem.. 5

Hypotheses of the Study.. 5

Significance of the Study.. 6

Scope and Delimitations of the Study.. 7

Definitions of Terms. 7

Chapter II. 8

Review of Related Literature.. 8

Chapter III. 9

Methodology.. 9

Research Design.. 9

Population Frame and Sampling Technique. 9

Description of Respondents. 9

Data Gathering Instruments. 9

Statistical Treatment of Data.. 10

Bibliography.. 11




The Problem and Its Background

The vitality and prosperity in a society is basically indicated by a number of elements including the natural resource systems. A liberal democracy gives the government the authority to input in the natural resource policy. Since the leaders in the government are elected by the public to represent their interests, the public determines whether the decision taken by the government is appropriate or not. The standard role of the government in natural resource policy is hence not specific and different groups differ concerning the ‘correct’ role that the government should play in natural resource policy. Basic roles that the government has include deciding on the supply of universal natural resource coverage to the citizens, the extent to which it will finance natural resource and the determination of whether or not natural resource is a human right. The role of the government is divided into one played by the president, the congress, the Supreme Court as well as the state governments. In addition, lobbyists and special interests groups input in the natural resource policy in a number of ways. This study seeks to investigate the role of government to protect the natural resource in united Arab emirates year 1999-2013

Conceptual Framework (Research Paradigm)

The major roles played by the UAE government include; National Institutes of Health, Medicaid, Medicare (Burke, 2011). The authority is distributed to several committees such as senate health, education, labor and pension committee who have several responsibilities towards healthy care policy. This committee  sees to it that there is development and research on biomedical components, it also holds responsibilities of persons with disabilities, the welfare, natural resource and safety of people working in mines, the activities carried out by the Red cross in UAE government  and it also responsible for the general natural resource of the public (The Library of Congress, 2010). The other committee is the house committee on energy and commerce holding several responsibilities which include; construction of hospitals, research on mental health, natural resource protection as well as biomedical programs (Burke, 2011). The senate and house committees on appropriation concentrate on emergency funding through the mid-year bills, fund programs, federal agencies, and departments (Burke, 2011). The committee prepares allocation for funding within jurisdiction. In addition, it ensures the spending levels go according to the budget. Along with the state’s role in public health, there are police powers that can be defined as the inherent authority that the state has to enact legislations as well as promulgate them aiming to protect, promote and also preserve the people’s health, morals, safety and their welfare in general.

Statement of the Problem

The populations’ natural resource is protected and promoted by the state governments. The states are provided with reserved powers that allow them to exercise the power inherent in the government that are not granted to the UAE federal government and are prohibited by the constitution (Weil, 2006). The role that is assigned to the state government makes the relationship between the states dealing with social programs and the UAE federal government difficult in achieving the set policy objectives (Weil, 2006). For more than eighty years there has been evolution of roles due to the expansive role of the federal. Federalism which outlays this connection can be traced to the Latin word used to describe covenant, the natural resource agencies owned by the state and the local natural resource departments are set up according to the structure of the federal categories grant that are projected towards aid programs of  public health. The departments together with agencies along the federal level that fund the natural resource programs of the public are recognized in planning of programs at the local and state level (Weil, 2006).

Hypotheses of the Study

Ho: Government has protected the natural resource in united Arab emirates year 1999-2013

H1: Government has not protected the natural resource in united Arab emirates year 1999-2013

Significance of the Study

The judicial branch affects the federal public policy and the functions of the natural resource by changing the basis of initiatives of natural resource in the decisions that federal courts (including the UAE Supreme Court) render (The Supreme Court of the United States, 2012). The UAE government enacts laws establishing natural resource federal policies and set aside the funds that implement those laws. The judicial branch plays a big role in the UAE by demonstrating policies according to the federal laws and the constitution. The supreme Court concludes on key importance in two fields (Reproductive and civil rights) related to the natural resource of the public. According to the executive branch, the directions of the natural resource policy are released from the president’s office especially the management office and budget, the environmental council of quality and the council of domestic policy controlled by a special president’s assistant (The Supreme Court of the United States, 2012).

Scope and Delimitations of the Study

This study is a quantitative study and is reflective of the characteristics of quantitative design, which has its advantages and its disadvantages. The categories mentioned as dependent variables may not necessarily represent all the important variables that may correlate with. One way to minimize this problem would be to increase the number of variables of the study. The study’s concern with theory and response of the independent variables and hypothesis testing may not take into account theory or other developments that might exist, but were not identified because of the structure of quantitative design.  Collected data is based and limited to the structure of the questions of the research instrument. Restructuring the questionnaire to include opinions of the subjects could minimize researcher bias and help to develop greater depth of the subject.

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature

The UAE Government president has the role of natural resource care policy debating, establishment as well as implementing. A major role is played by the UAE Department of Natural resource and Human Services (USDHHS) involving initiation, shaping and implementation together with monitoring effects passed by Congress, the president signs (The Supreme Court of the United States, 2012). This is done in coordination of the presidents Executive Office especially the office concerned with budget and management, interest groups, beneficiaries, state governments, UAE government and others. At the federal level, the Natural resource and Human Services secretary has the largest responsibility on programs of public health, but there are limitations to this role due to a wide dispersion programs on medical care and federal natural resource care. In 1994, the management and the organization USDHHS was changed due to the removal of social Security Administration by the UAE government and was made independent (Weissert and Weissert,.............

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