The Role of enzyme supplementation in digestive disorders (Human Anatomy and Physiology)

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The Role of enzyme supplementation in digestive disorders (Human Anatomy and Physiology)

The article gives a review of enzyme supplements used to relieve disorders in digesting and absorption. The article aims at showing the role of enzymes in solving digestion disorders, through conducted experiments and their results explained, the article aims at making the reader understand the role of enzymes in digestion.

The author of the article has not conducted any direct experiment, but has referred to an experiment. The experiment referred by the author uses units of Lipase and units of oryzae, the experiment was conducted on Dogs whose weight varied from 15-21kg. The control of the experiment was having the animals consume 46 grams of fat a day. For three weeks the animals weight would be measured and a sample of their excrete taken after every three days, for measurements on fat excreted to be taken.( Klaue P. 29)

The experiment came with the following findings; there was not a significant difference in the stool bulk of the animals, as it had been examined before the experiment began and after the experiment also no significant change in the fecal fat for both animals that were treated with plant-based lipase and those treated on pancreatic based lipase. However there was significant change noted in stool bulk and fat excretion of treated animals compared to that of untreated animals.

A similar experiment was conducted on human beings with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and steatorrhoea , the patients were grouped into two, first group consisted of those who had had the Whipples procedure while the other group consisted of those who had not gone through the procedure. The enzyme pr.............

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