The Roaring Twenties And Great Gatsby.

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The Roaring Twenties And Great Gatsby.

After the First World War, people living in the America wanted to get away from their previous lifestyle known as the Victorian generation, to a freer and less conservative way of life. In the 1920s several things changed among the people living in the states, Jazz was popular among the party people, people drank despite the passing of the prohibition bill in the year 1919 and women became less conservative as they would drink and smoke converse to the Victorian girl (Wilson, 22).

In the Gatsby excerpt some of the roaring twenties attribute are featured in the life of Gatsby and the people who attended his parties. As addressed by the author women attended to the parties, they danced to the Jazz music and they drank and danced with men doing acts that ‘Gibson girl’, as was the name given to the Victorian generation girls, would find not so appealing. Another feature found in the excerpt relative to the roaring twenties was the listening of Jazz music as it was played in Gatsby’s parties; jazz music was the new groove among the people of the 1920s. Regardless to the prohibition of consumption transportation or sale of alcohol by the passing of the prohibition bill, guests in Gatsby’s parties still drank both men and women and they git drank. The free entertained lifestyle of people as displayed in the parties that Gatsby held shows the free life and less conservative life that people had embraced which was a characteristic of the roaring twenties.

Gatsby was rarely seen in the parties he held; he to some extent detached himself from the other folk. During the party he stood at the garden by himself no one making the move to join him. By the approved look he gave his guests as they enjoyed themselves displayed .............

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