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Man’s life is comprises of numerous decisions that wait to be struck. These decisions may shape or break our future in so many ways, have devastating effects on how we live or help enjoy our life all through. The poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ does tell a story of a man who embarks on a journey but eventually reaches a fork on the road in which he must choose just one path. Each path is totally different from the other. Here, the path traveled is symbolic in the sense that this path could literally refer to the day to day life of an individual. Life is a long journey that must be traveled on a daily basis. Life too does have numerous challenges which at the end of the day shall require making decisions. We could therefore equate life to the path traveled and the fork leading to the various paths as the call for the right decision. However insignificant the decision we make, it will continually have an impact in our life.

The author uses the words ‘a walk in the woods’ which is a metaphor vividly describing the decision making process that people face daily as part of life. It is equally depicted that the roads start from the same common place from the line, ‘The two roads diverged in a yellow wood…’ However, they may end up entirely in two different destinations yet whoever follows them does not know where they would lead them to.  The traveler not pretty sure which path to follow plus afraid of making the wrong.............

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