The Rise of New Families and Decline in Marriage

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The Rise of New Families and Decline in Marriage

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In the past 50 years the transformative trends in the marriages and social life has led to huge decline in marriage and emergence of new forms of families. These new forms of families are shaped by behavior and attitude which differ by age, class and race. The growing income gap is in line with the new marriage gap. Even though marriage is declining among all groups, it has maintained its norm for people with good income collage education. Marriage is continually becoming less prevalent for those within lower social ladder. People especially the young view cohabitation without marriage and other new unique forms of marriage. Even though the marriage institution is continually shrinking, the young people still view their families as the most interesting, satisfying and important element in their lives (Greenwood, 2012).

Financially stability is being viewed as a very important reason to marry. Many people feel that without financial stability, marriages are deemed to tumble. Today even those with college diploma are less just as likely as those with collage degree to say they want to marry. Marriage institution is slowly becoming obsolete. Four in ten respondents are consenting with this from a survey that was undertaken. The respondents who are mostly troubled people in the institution and cohabiting parents say that despite the growing uncertainties, they are more upbeat with the future of family and marriage. People have are having mixed views marriage and family. There is a mix of acceptance and unease. There is a growing trend of single mothers and this is posing d.............

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