The Rise And Fall Of The Bauhaus

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The Rise And Fall Of The Bauhaus

“Mechanized work is lifeless, proper only to the lifeless machine… The solution depends on a change in the individual’s attitude toward his work, not on the betterment of his outward circumstances.” (Gropius)Walter Gropius changed art and architecture forever the first day in April of the year 1919. (01) This was the time in which he felt an obligation to converge both the arts and crafts with the new industrial methods. He accomplished this when he took over the Art Academy in Weimer Germany established by the Grand Duke of Sachsen-Weimar. (02) During the next fourteen years, the school saw two more directors that may have had different ideals, but still maintained the original goals of the Bauhaus. (04) Its foundation was the first to achieve man’s effort to come to terms with technology and art. Though it may have bee.............

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