The Right To Healthcare Management

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The Right To Healthcare Management

The Act entitled the patient protection and Affordable Care Act .for it to become law it had top be enacted by Senate and house if representatives of the United March 2010, president Obama went ahead and signed the comprehensive health reform, the patient protection and Affordable Care Act into law. This law [provides the opportunity for Americans to access preventive care more easily. This includes family planning, alongside other related services. With this law these services are now more accessible and affordable to many American citizens.

The concept behind Obamacare dates way back to 1989 where it was propose initially by politically conservative heritage so as to act as an alternative to single payer heath care (ObamaCare Facts., 2013). Obama care has many provisions that offer new patients protection when they are dealing with insurance also mandates everyone who can afford health insurance to obtain it by the year 2014.this law also created new taxes ,hence increasing funds for health education and awareness and making spending cuts and many more.

I agree with the law since it has so much that benefits the American population. Initially many people were not able to afford and access healthcare but due to the law many people are now able to access healthcare. There are major changes to healthcare that have been brought about since the law came into place. First ObamaCare prohibits the insurance companies from dropping ones coverage incase one gets sick or makes honest mistakes during the application process. Initially insurance companies were very strict and they could easily drop ones cover whenever they feel like (, 2013). Under the law citizens are protected from decisions to drop their insurance by insurance companies. This provides an opportunity for many patients to access their insurance cover if and when they get sick regardless of some simple mistakes they could have made when they were doing their application.

This law also eliminates some preexisting conditions as well as gender discriminations. There were some preexisting conditions that insurance companies set before making one eligible for cover or claim. This law has seen some of the preexisting conditions being scrapped off thus making the application process easy .there were also some forms of gender discrimination when I comes to the application and receiving of insurance. This has also been eliminated and therefore anyone in America regardless of their.............

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