The “Right” Choice as it Relates to Syria

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The “Right” Choice as it Relates to Syria

Syria’s turmoil has been stirring up since the year 2011. It all started with protests against the president of the country Bashar al-Assad. Over time, the protests evolved into a civil war that has seen the country suffer greatly. Since the protests escalated to brutal civil wars, many people have fled to neighboring countries for safety. In addition, many people have lost their lives while others experienced severe injuries. The situation in Syria is a matter of the government facing rebellion from citizens who believe otherwise as far as the president’s ideas are concerned. As such, people are suffering when the two sides engage in seemingly endless war (Henderson web). War is immoral since people suffer and, unfortunately, others die.

Syria’s president does not show any remorse towards the rebellious group in his nation. A report released by The Telegraph revealed that President Bashar al-Assad authorized a chemical attack on his people with an aim of killing the rebels in his country (Henderson web). In turn, the death toll was recorded to be over 1400, among them being innocent citizens. Such an act has forced the United Nations to intervene. United Nations advised in its recommendations that the Syrian government should handover the chemical weapons. This is a right decision for Syria to abide by and prevent similar attacks from happening in the country. Indeed, the weapons may be useful when it comes to facing the rebels, but the attacks are uncontrollable. Consequently, innocent citizens in the vicinity of the battleground ended up hurting while others perished. Lack of controlled measures in these attacks is what prompted the United Nations’ interventions. Thus, Syrian government would rather surrender the chemicals than sprout a disagreement with leading countries in the world, for example, the United States.

Recent United Nations’ reports disclosed that Syria’s government forces engaged in brutal attacks on the medical staff and patients (Cumming-Bruce web). The targeted hospitals are located in areas under the leadership of the rebels in Syria. The inhuman act of attacking victims in the areas guarded by rebels is far beyond immorality. Such attacks are leading to the death of innocent people in the country. Death is an unfortunate happening that occurs once in a person’s life. However, death caused on innocent people for the selfish purpose of retaining power is unbearable and should not happen to anyone. Syria’s citizens living in territories owned by rebels are facing multiple deaths from its government forces. The right decision for Syrians is to seek international aid in this matter. The right choice for the citizens is to pursue delegations among the two opposing sides in the coun.............

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