The Rich Legacy of Anishinabe

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The Rich Legacy of Anishinabe



The Rich Legacy of Anishinabe

Several important themes come out from an in-depth analysis of the Anishinabe people’s social issues and their social movements. The most notable theme that presents itself is that of the origin of the people. It appears that the Whites are trying hard to hide the truth about historical events. It is also very unfortunate that some of the Anishinaabe born in the recent past blindly accept fabricated stories about their past or origin. Whites are doing this to many Native Americans making them to lose track of their historical background. However, genuine authors determined to documents facts as they were, and state that the people lived among Native tribes around the Missouri River. The information depicted in the historical accounts presented by Warren uncover unknown truths and preserve a heritage that could otherwise disappear due to the looming fabrications from the Whites.

The Anishinabe people have a rich background that entailed good organization and well-developed language. The term Aishinaabe akiing, for instance, means the people’s land. The people have a strong relationship to the land and take it to be sacred. Although today’s generation does not have adequate information as to who they were, and their history, credible documentation shows that they were organized into several groups. Some of the well-formed groups include Abenaki, Ojibwa, Arapaho, and Miami. There are many others. This organization shows that the people were highly intelligent. In addition to that, they all spoke a similar language. I believe that this signifies their unity and a common goal. This is revealed in the seven fires prophecy, which had become a major part of their life. It is a.............

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