The Requirements of Professional Ethics and the Ways in Which Building the Three Gorges Dam is Morally Permissible or

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The Requirements of Professional Ethics and the Ways in Which Building the Three Gorges Dam is Morally Permissible or Impermissible ?

In any profession there has to be some code of ethics which stipulate the level of professionalism that one is expected to have in performing the tasks required. Ethics can briefly be described as the moral principles set that guide the employees in an organization know what is good and what is bad.  Professional ethics therefore can be seen to be the specific code of standards for a particular professional and it includes personal, corporate and organizational behaviors expected of a person in an organization. However, this does not mean that one is supposed to be guided just by their professional ethics in performing their professions. There are also moral which act as a guiding compass in deciding whether what is about to do is good or bad.

The building of the Three Gorges dam, along the Yangtze River, which happens to be one of the longest rivers, resulted in a lot of damages to the communities living around the area to the extent that some of the people living around the around were forced to move out of their homes. The engineers should have honored their duty to serve the people and look into their well-being and also considered the ramifications that building the dam would have on the welfare of the community. The engineers should have even tried to ensure that all the people replaced were actually resettled since the construction of the dam was the cause of the disruption in their lives.

A lot of lives of the people living around the basin of the Yangtze River were lost as a result of the floods and if that’s not enough over 20 counties ended up submerged under the water. The people of China strongly value the Yangtze River and the fact that most of them, almost 2 million people lost their homes as a result of building of the Three Gorges dam. So an engineer following the employers instructions, one should look upon their moral beliefs and ask themselves if the lives lost are truly worth the progress that would apparently be made if the dam is actually built.

Additionally, the building of the Three Gorges Dam resulted in a lot of rubbish collecting in the Yangtze River, which is the main source of water for the people of the community. This just implies that the water is no longer clean as it was in its first state which forces the people in the community to take it upon themselves to clean the river. This also .............

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