The relationship between technology and resistance to change in organisations

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The relationship between technology and resistance to change in organisations




The relationship between technology and resistance to change in organisations


Change process is one of the complex aspects that organizations encounter from time to time and which calls for a number of skills to be able to successfully achieve the desired objectives. The skills needed are mostly used by the management especially the HR professionals or the group leaders that steer the change process. Moreover, while technology has increasingly become part of the modern day business process or environment and undoubtedly brought with it a sigh of increased efficiency and easier ways of doing things, technology on its own is a new aspect that comprises change in the organizational environment sense of doing things. Given its wide ranging usage and the fact that it has been a significant contributor to the environmental change of the way organizations carry out their day-to-day operations that include communications, manufacturing, information storage among other things; it would be imperative to understand and evaluate the relationship between technology and change resistance in the organization.


What is the research issue?

Most studies that have focused on change resistance have showed that there are several skills needed in order to deal with change resistance and these include good communication skills, proper organisation and management skills (Rogers, 2010). However, change process being intricate and dependent on the availability of accurate information about the desired outcomes, needed resources and what should be done among other things, the change agents need technology that enhances the desired change management process. This is quite relevant considering that technology is introduced in organisations to enhance efficiency of processes and change management is just one of the processes (Jeffrey et al 2002).  Therefore, the research issue is how technology relates to change resistance, which is one of the intricate aspects organisations have to deal with.

Why is it an issue?

A few studies have specifically targeted the impact of technology as an important area of investigation in assessing the employee behaviour toward and perception of change. For instan.............

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