The Relationship Between Social Inequality and Cities

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The Relationship Between Social Inequality and Cities

Definition and how to measure Hypersegregation

The word hypersegregation is a term used to refer to a condition in which race and ethnic groups separates in a multidimensional way. This phenomenon arises whenever the pattern of interaction between the blacks and the whites in most United States metropolitans are characterized by a high level of seclusion and apathy. Traditionally, residential isolation has been measured by the aid of dissimilarity index. However, technology has of late presented the P* Exposure index to measure more dimensions of segregation.

Reasons behind high Hypersegregation in most cities including Kansas City

Currently, many metropolitans of United States including Kansas City experience a high level of hypersegregation because there an increasing trend of settlement of the blacks and the Chicanos. Over the past centuries, segregation indices in most cities have risen due to the incidences of the white’s majority and their perception of the high ranks in metropolitan areas (Lester and Jefrey “Surbutbs can’t escape the cost of separation” 12). There are conclusive evidences of racial restrictive covenants that enforce laws that encourage racial segregation. The main concern of such discriminatory practice is to discourage black settling in metropolitan areas. In Kansas, for instance, the main concern is the “racial tipping” scenario which does not allow blacks to settle in white residential areas.

Issues arising from Hypersegregation

Historically, most cities apply discriminatory practices such as block bursting to support the majorities who are the whites while they scare the minority groups. To some extent, Kansas city use tactical scare methods to force minority black residing within the city to sell their lands to the majority race. Lester and Jefrey in the magazine “Surbutbs can’t escape the cost of separation”(6) reported that Kansas City is inclusively crated of high facilities making it a super urban settlement. According to the article, the escalation of new inhabitants would cause congestion strains to facilities like restaurant and libraries. This would further mean that the level of tax would increase significantly, thus, calling for cautions.

Definition of Inequality

In most societies, the distribution of wealth and income are disproportion amongst individuals within a population group. Economically, the term inequality is a serious social problem that affects growth uniformly. Thus, the gap between the rich and the poor is relatively wide because of unequal balance of economic resources. The rich side of the society often languish more resources and experience a higher economic life standard as opposed to the poor whose resources are bound to limitation. Urban poverty relates to inequality in the sense that little urban resources may not sustain population limits. Urban poverty also results from poor government schemes, which entails corruption and embezzlement of limited resources (Lester and Jefrey “U.S foster society of separation-Federal housing programs pushed whites to surburbia and held back blacks” 7).

Measuring poverty

Poverty measurement is often based on the extent of its absolute or relative limits.  Absolutely, poverty occurs across a longer time dimension. Conversely, it is described as relative based on the social analysis of a given population. According to United States measurement criteria, poverty is described based on consumption rate; one.............

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