The Reflective Statement

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The Reflective Statement


The entire course of putting together this portfolio has been of strong reflection on the numerous and various financial administration related deeds I have engrossed in since the start of my university life. Individual conclusions and ensuing objectives have originated considering the numerous observations and characteristics that I have drawn from my experiences. Additional hard work and constant life changing improvements are some of the elements that have emerged to be chiefly forceful. I chose Finance as a career due to my passion and adoration for teaching. I believe and deem teaching to be the mainly significant activity companies involve in and the possibility to work with balance sheets as the most satisfying fraction and degree of my skilled life.

My career philosophy clinches objectives of commitment and contribution. I suppose and consider that Finance scholars work efficiently when they are lively members of a company where the surroundings are typified by significant (and extensive) financial works and philosophies. Such surroundings allow graduates to learn from the busy schedules and activities, in addition to, calculations, a crucial characteristic of financial life. To facilitate soaring levels of graduate contribution, I believe it is necessary to form and uphold a comfortable financial environment. The whole financial unit has shaped my career objectives and aims. I have gained knowledge on the financial and business skills which have been integral in my personality. I have realized that I have the capability to achieve high goals and levels in my career given that I am a hardworking and goal oriented person

Maintaining an outlook and appearance required for a financial administrator or the finance realm as a whole is imperative. Always knowing and constant updates on the finance principles and theories have been fundamental in gaining insight about my profession. Even though, there is not much that I can understand since English is not my native language, I pose to be a fast learner. Being inquisitive and on the lookout for information are the imperative traits that have helped me develop to be who I am. The financial labor market in UK is big compared to that of my native country. Primarily, I thought I wanted to be a freelance accountant but my stay in the university has elevated my ambitions to desiring to work in a renowned company. This owes to the actuality that a person can gain more knowledge in working for a company rather than being in freelance. On a more hypothetical perspective I have been subjected to a wide array of ideas regarding financial methodologies, a majority of which are very intriguing but I have not tried to apply. One of the motives for this is my deprived communication in English and poor success in accomplishing imperative matters, for example, question breaks during classes. Clearly another is disinterest and shortage of resources – whilst it might hypothetically help scholars by replacing all the classes with difficulty classes, I lack the resources obtainable to guarantee that I get all class work done on time.

With retrospection and reflection I would have indulged more in English classes. Thorough practice in English language is somewhat imperative for my career progress. Getting a personal teacher to instruct me on English language would b.............

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