The recent shooting incident in Newtown

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The recent shooting incident in Newtown, Connecticut at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shook the entire nation and the world to the core. Firmin Debrabander, in the article “The Freedom of an Armed Society” introduces another perspective of looking at the incident: the issue of gun rights. He notes that gun rights advocates may use this incident to press for elimination of restrictions to gun ownership. This is especially considering that, the shooting incident could have been prevented, or at least its magnitude reduced had the teachers and other members of public been allowed to have guns (Debrabander, 7). These organizations opine that individual gun ownership is the ultimate guarantee of America’s enduring liberty. Debrabander notes that this statement is fallacious as guns censure freedom of speech, which is fundamental to democracy. In addition, he challenges the statement by guns rights advocates that restrictions on gun ownership are indicators of despotism by the central government (Debrabander, 17). He states that the gun ownership results in a fragmented citizenry and extreme individualism.

Debrabander addresses a contentious issue in the American fabric. As much as there may be some .............

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