The reasons for America’s homicide rate

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The reasons for America’s homicide rate

Homicide and crime have been amongst the greatest concerns of the American people since the beginning of the twentieth century. It is postulated that the homicide rates in America are significantly higher compared to other parts of the world especially Western Europe. Despite this, homicide in America has been on the decline for a long time now. For instance in 2009, the crime rate was estimated to have hit a low that was recorded back in 1968. 2009 recorded the lowest homicide rates ever recorded since 1964. However, the crime rates within the United States are still higher when compared to other countries (Effgen “FBI Uniform Crime Reports”). Perhaps the reasons of this variation in crime rates can be credited to a number of reasons that set the United States apart from other countries. Furthermore, the media has also played a major role in shaping current public perception of crime within the United States. The high percentage of the population that is incarcerated also paints a picture different to what is really on the ground. Despite this, the higher homicide rates in the United States can be attributed to social factors, psychological factors as well as drug abuse, although contrary to popular belief, the homicide rates within the United States are declining compared to previous years (United States Bureau of Justice Statistics “Prisoners in 2008”).

The first cause of higher homicide statistics is the social problems that people are experiencing. Homicide is believed to be nurtured and raised in areas where people live in squalid economic conditions. Both the victims and the perpetrators are believed to hail from these impoverished regions of the country. For instance San Mateo County in California, despite having a low population, it reported higher numbers of homicide in 2001. It is argued that most of these cases of homicide were reported in the regions are which are the poorest in the county. This poor region recorded six deaths out of the seventeen that were recorded in the whole county. Despite the smaller number of people in this poor region, the numbers of homicides were one third of all the cases reported in the county. This then shows that poverty may be a driving force for most people to engage in violent crime in an attempt to meet their basic necessities (Bureau of Justice Statistics “Prisoners in 2002”). Furthermore, poverty usually co-occurs with social disorganization, which then translates to limited social control, and as a result increased crime as well as homicide. This lack of cohesion can also be used to explain why crime rates are higher within metropolitan areas compared to the suburbs.

Secondly, homicide in America can also be greatly attributed to the use of drugs. Most of the drugs taken in high doses by the offenders are mostly psycho active drugs. It is believed that were it not for the use of drugs, most of the homicide crimes would be averted. The main reason for this is that the drugs make an individual to think illogically especially after combining the drugs with other intoxicants (Fosdick 013). Surprisingly, the individuals who engage in homicide after taking drugs have no prior motivation to commit the offence. It is estimated that most of the people who report to hospital for violent injuries have been associated with the use of this drug (Macdonald, Wells,Giesbrecht& Cherpitel 061). The main reason advanced for the high incidence of homicide in the people who use psychoactive drugs is that the drugs impair the part of the brain that is needed for logical thinking and judgment(Senay & Wettstein “Drugs and homicide”). Further, with the impairment of the part of the brain that ensures logical thinking and judgment impaired, a number of individuals usually lose their inhibitions and develop an urge to engage in risky behavior, with some opting for violence (Macdonald, Wells,Giesbrecht& Cherpitel 61). At times the drugs themselves act as motivation for committing crimes. For example, in an attempt to obtain the resources to engage in the filthy but addictive habit, one may even find themselves committing murder.

Thirdly, the other cause of homicide in the US is mental illnesses. People with mental illnesses are more predisposed to commit homicide and other crimes because their objective thinking capacity is compromised. It is estimat.............

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