The Reality Of Global Warming And The Role Of Humans In The Catastrophe

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The Reality Of Global Warming And The Role Of Humans In The Catastrophe


Issues pertaining to global warming have attracted increased interest in the recent times. This may have resulted from the increased awareness, as well as increased popularization of the issue, not to mention the controversies or differences in opinions pertaining to the subject. Indeed, different individuals have been holding different opinions as to the reality or the existence of global warming and even the role of humans in the catastrophe. While there may be differing opinions, global warming is a reality and human beings have played an immense role in its creation and acceleration.

Global warming is a term that underlines the increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere and oceans in the earth since the late 19th century, as well as its projected continuation. Scientists have stated that since the beginning of the 20th century, the mean temperature of the earth’s surface has been increasing by around 0.8 °C or 1.4 °F, with approximately two-thirds of this increase having taken place since 1980 (Royston 14). Indeed, Mr Gleckler, from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory states that “the last 130 years have seen a 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit increase in the global average temperature with over half of the increase taking place in the last 35 years (McAdam 13). This pattern has been unmistakable with the twelve warmest years recorded having all taken place since 1998”. On the same note, Nathan Bindoff, an oceanography expert has stated that “the past 35 years have been significantly warmer than the average temperature in the 20th century” (McAdam 13).

Underlining the reality or unequivocal nature of global warming in the climate system is the IPCC’s report in 2007, which stated that a large number of the changes observed are unprecedented over decades and millennia (Royston 16). According to the report, not only have the oceans and atmospheric temperatures gone up, but also there has been a decrease in the amounts of ice and snow, an increase in the sea level, as well as an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases with data showing that there has been a steady increase in the levels of carbon dioxide every year, making today’s CO2 levels 25% higher than in 1957.

In addition, scientists have incre.............

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