The Reagan Revolution through President Obama

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The Reagan Revolution through President Obama














The Reagan Revolution through President Obama

The Reagan revolution refers to the period during which Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States of America. This was the period between 1981 and 1989. Shortly after his inauguration as president, an assassination attempt was made on him. Reagan’s administration inherited America when it was plagued by high inflation rates and equally high employment rate. Some of the achievements of the Reagan administration include the ending of the cold war, reducing inflation and unemployment and tax.

One of the major events of the Reagan administration was the Tax Reforms of 1986. This legislation led to the reduction of the top income tax bracket from 70% to 28%. This helped in motivating the people of America to work harder because the government did not take a lot from them. It also reduced tax avoidance and evasion among the rich. According to Reagan, high marginal tax rate discouraged people from working harder to earn more as well as making savings. This reform encouraged people to work harder as well as save and invest more. During the Reagan administration, more tax was collected by the federal government than before. The impact of this in the current society is that it spurred economic growth that cemented the nation becoming an economic super power.

Another important turning point of the Reagan Revolution was the end of the cold war. . According to Diggins, Reagan succeeded in ending the cold war through crusading and reconciliation takes. Reagan used the media to pass the message of equality and peace. There was increased military spending to combat the Soviet Union. This changed the way the international world viewed the United States of America. Reagan also entered into talks with China and the Soviet Union leaders about nuclear power and its use. He also signed the 1987 Intermediate-Ranged Nuclear Forces Treaty with the Soviet Union restricting the launching of missiles. The end of the cold war led to the demolition of the Berlin war and unification of the two German Walls. The result of this was that the US became the sole superpower in the world.

Another change in Reagan’s administration was in the government system. The states were given more power over their affairs which had previously been assumed by the federal government. This consisted of reducing the control of federal government in some programs and disbanding some of them and letting the states control them instead of the federal government. This included issues such as education. He favoured political power being more in the states and local governments. This is still being used in the current society where the states manage their own economy, politics and culture up to a certain level while the federal government overlooks.

He, however, failed to fulfill his campaign promise to cut back on government spending. This was caused by his increase in spending on the advancement of the military troops among other things. According to Kengor and Schweizer, Reagan left huge deficits at the end of .............

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